Welcome to Canal Park located at 215 Leland Ave in Utica. Canal Park is 10 acres of beautiful land in the City of Utica and nestled between the Erie Canal and Mohawk River. It is also the home of Breezes Banquet and Events Center, Portofino Restaurant & Events, Professional Media Services, Inc., and Roser Communications. Canal Park also is well known for hosting What The Truck Food Truck Rally on Tuesday nights during the Summer, Christmas at Canal Park in November, plus many other local events.

Breezes Banquet & Event Center
Portofino Restaurant & Events
Professional Media Services
Roser Communications Network
215 Leland Ave, LLC

Canal Park’s mission is to provide a safe, friendly and fun environment by hosting events for our community to enjoy. Canal Park will continue to strive towards creating an atmosphere where family, friends and neighbors come together to make memories happen.


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